Better workflow, better business

Meet Floware - the process management system designed to help teams complete tasks faster and more accurately than ever before.


A smarter way to work

Free up valuable time. Stay in the loop. Visualise work in progress. Optimize communication, collaborate with co-workers, and monitor every stage of your tasks, all in one place.

Stay in the loop

What if there was a smarter way to track the status of a task across your organization? What if there was a way to know when tasks become stuck?

A card for every job

Cards provide a visual representation of work to be done. Every card is assigned a unique number so that it can be tracked from beginning to way after it has been done.

See work in progress, all in one place

Achieve clarity by moving work out of everyone's inboxes to a centralised space that provides you with a consolidated view of state of affairs.

Identify potential problems early

With pre defined SLA's and real-time alerts you can identify and address potential problems quickly and efficiently.

Free up valuable time.

Is your team feeling weighed down by all the mundane and repetitive tasks they have to do? Do you find yourself constantly having to check on other peoples work?

Automate repetitive tasks

Automation can significantly reduce the time needed to perform repetitive tasks, which frees up your team to make better use of their skills and expertise.

Reduce time wasted on fixing mistakes

With improved accuracy, processes run smoothly and there is less need for rework, corrections, and other resources that are required to jump in to fix mistakes.

Management by exception

Minimize the time and effort spent on monitoring and controlling routine operations. Identify and address problems or potential problems quickly and efficiently.

We serve process driven teams


Wherever there is a process to follow, we can help your team see the tasks at hand and complete them faster and more accurately than ever before.

Financial advisors

Automate tasks such as portfolio management, client queries, appointment scheduling and compliance reporting.


Automate tasks such as receipt collection, data entry, financial reporting and communication with clients.


Automate tasks such as inventory management, order processing, purchasing, and customer relationship management.

Legal service firms

Better track and manage your cases, improve communication with clients, and reduce the risk of errors and reduce costs.


Automate tasks such as production scheduling, work orders, purchasing, sales orders, equipment maintenance and quality control.


Automate tasks such as job management, scheduling, invoicing and communiction with customers.

Educational institutions

Automate tasks such as student enrollment, bursary applications and communication with students, parents, and staff members.

Real estate agencies

Automate tasks such as property listing, lead generation, contract management, and client communication.

Your all-in-one toolbox.

Run your business your way. With our extensive array of tools at your disposal, you have the freedom to select the ones that best suit the needs of each team within your organization.

Team Inbox

Centralised inbox where all incoming requests can be triaged before the work on them begins.

Job Cards

Each uniquely numbered card represents a job that has to be done by the team member assigned to it.


Ensure that the process is always being followed the way it was designed.


Keep track of resource availability and book work with confidence.


Make better decisions with insightful summaries generated from your daily operational logs.


Automate repetitive tasks. Save frequently used action sequences as macros and much more.

Time and Materials

Keep track of time and materials spent on each task. Keep track of margins to protect your bottom line.


Proactively address looming problems with perfectly timed alerts.


Quickly access information, files and messages with global search.

Knowledge Base

Onboard new team members faster with inline help articles to guide them as they work.

Integrates with leading cloud apps


Our automation track record

Over 45% of tasks can be automated according to a report by McKinsey. With Floware you can put task automation into practice...

Customer Emails Automated
Invoices Automated
Orders Automated

Everything you need for $24 per user

Includes every feature we offer plus unlimited workflows and unlimited users.

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