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The order management software that reduces time spent on laborious tasks and bring about increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved customer service and scalability to your business.


Unlock the potential of digital change in your business

Harness the benefits of order management software and take your business to the next level.

Increase efficiency
Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and cumbersome software. Free up time to spend on higher-value tasks.
Optimise profitability
Streamline processes, reduce redundancy and eliminate errors costing you money and damaging your brand.
Delight customers
Enhance the customer experience with added convenience, timely communication and reduce the need for them to reach out for basic tasks.
Boost business growth
Manage greater volumes, a larger footprint, and added complexity without overburdening your team.


Better workflows, better business

Are your current systems and processes hindering your business from achieving its next growth milestone? Some of the most powerful business strategies are now feasible for your business.

Smart pricing engines

Stay ahead of the competion with sophisticated price segmentation models. Elevate customer loyalty, price competitiveness and profit margins, while managing regulatory compliance.

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Order lifecycle workflows

Meet customer expectations more consistently with well defined processes and realtime tracking of work in progress to ensure orders are fulfilled the right way and on time.

Omnichannel sales funnels

Deliver a seamless customer experience across multiple sales channels. Allow customers, field agents or resellers to generate quotes or place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Process automation

Mundane to magic

Is your team feeling weighed down by all the mundane and repetitive tasks they have to do? Now there is a smarter way to get work done.

Management by exception.
Minimize the time and effort spent on monitoring and controlling routine operations. Identify and address problems or potential problems quickly and efficiently.
Automate repetitive tasks.
Reduce the time needed to perform repetitive tasks, which frees up your team to make better use of their skills and expertise.
Reduce time wasted on fixing mistakes.
With improved accuracy, processes run smoothly and there is less need for rework, corrections, and other resources that are required to jump in to fix mistakes.

Sales analytics

Stay in the loop

What if there was a smarter way to keep track of orders across your organisation? Achieve peace of mind through real-time order progress reports.

Foster accountability by assigning orders to team members. Track the progress of order fulfillment and delivery from beginning to end.
Keep track of orders.
Achieve clarity by moving orders out of everyone's inboxes to a centralised space that provides you with a consolidated view of state of affairs.
Identify problems early.
With real-time reporting and alerts you can identify and address potential problems quickly no matter where you are.
Use Cases

We serve process driven teams

Use cases

Wherever there is a process to follow, we can help your team see the tasks at hand and complete them faster and more accurately than ever before.


Automate tasks such as work orders, purchasing, sales orders, consolidate multiple sales channels and logistics.

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Automate tasks such as inventory management, order processing, purchasing, and customer relationship management.

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Streamline order processing workflows, consolidate multiple sales channels, managing third-party logistics.

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Online retailers

Automate tasks such as receipt collection, data entry, financial reporting and communication with clients.

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Regulated industries

Automate compliance procedures, streamline processes, improve traceability with real-time reporting at your fingertips.

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Floware brought our departments closer together, streamlining operations in a way I never thought possible. It’s like a guiding hand for my business, helping us stick to our proven processes which not only ensures we meet customer expectations more consistently, but optimises our profitability as well.

Our approach

Grow and run your business your way

We specialise in software that aligns with your company's natural workflow produces superior efficiency and productivity. Employees don't have to waste time trying to navigate complex systems or figure out workarounds.

Optimised efficiency

Employees are most productive when they engage with systems that are intuitive and mirror their established workflows.

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Adaptable software can evolve in tandem with the business, proving beneficial in the long run in terms of cost and consistency.

Smart investment

Adaptable software offer better long term ROI in terms of harmony with existing processes, employee satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

Our track record

With a proven track record and over 20 years of experience, you can be rest assured that Floware is capable of putting order automation into practice in your business...

Our mission is to ensure that every order is managed with precision, efficiency, and care. We specialise in software that aligns with your company's natural workflow produces superior efficiency and productivity. Employees don't have to waste time trying to navigate complex systems or figure out workarounds.

Order notifications automated
2.3 million
Customer invoices automated
$6.25 billion
Customer orders automated

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