Floware for Wholesalers

Many wholesale companies still have to process a significant amount of "paper'' documents.

The sheer volume of waybills, inventory lists, invoices, purchase orders, and sales orders creates problems for many wholesalers.

Staying “on top” of received goods and products shipped to customers is however critical for accurate inventory counts, shipping timelines and the accounting ledger.

Wouldn't it be great if you could hand over the more repetitive, low-value work to an automated system—instead of having your workers tied up and frustrated with endless manual tasks?

Now you can. Floware is a Business Automation tool specifically geared towards Wholesalers.

Perfect for large and small companies, Floware is the smart way to do business.

With Floware, you get an all-round business tool that will  improve your process efficiency—making your clients happier while boosting productivity company-wide.

So if you're looking to take your Wholesale business to the next level, read on and find out how Floware can optimise your resources, improve your market position, and improve the profitability of your company.

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Urgent challenges facing the Wholesale industry

The Wholesale & Distribution industry is a fast paced dynamic environment where reliable tracking of goods, purchase and sales orders, delivery notes, and invoices are a priority.

Which means wholesale companies still need to process a significant amount of “paper” documents—and the default answer to this problem is often manual data entry.

Massive inflow and outflow of shipping notes, inventory lists, invoices and purchase and sales orders are critical to achieve accurate inventory counts, shipping times, and overall company financial reporting.

Manually processing a never ending stream of incoming documents such as sales orders is not only time-consuming and tedious, but also error-prone and costly. It ultimately hinders the growth of any company.

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Why Business Automation is the answer

Automating the wholesale business means converting the manual tasks into automated workflows.

The goal is to use automation to empower you and your team to sell more products and satisfy your clients by streamlining the repetitive tasks of a wholesale business.

These workflows can send internal or external emails and notifications, perform actions, give customers automatic pricing, and much more.

You can set multiple conditions that must be true for the workflow to run to ensure that everything works perfectly.

Automation frees up your team’s time for your industry’s essential customer interactions, creativity, and big-picture thinking.

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Business functions that can effectively be automated

There are a couple of obvious areas where you can automate processes from the get-go to immediately see positive resultsL

1. Automate the Wholesale Registration and Onboarding

To automate the wholesale business, the first thing you need to do is to automate your wholesale registration and onboarding process.

You can automatically approve the user registrations for the wholesale user role, so you won’t have to support them manually.

2. Create Bulk Order Form to Allow 24 hrs Ordering

The next step is to create a bulk order form so that the customers can order at their time of ease. This feature allows your customers to purchase everything they require at any time that is most convenient to them.

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3. Create Tier Pricing to Encourage Bulk Ordering

When using tiered pricing, a customer is encouraged to add more items to his cart to improve his tier level and thus gain more benefits and savings. It’s a great way to boost your store’s revenue and encourage customers to order in bulk.

4. Enable the Request For a Quote System

The standard “Add to Cart” option will not work if you are dealing with products that would enable extensive customization, and providing a fixed price is not an option.

In these instances, you can use automation to provide a quote form to allow visitors to request quotes for these products and services.

5. Automate inventory management

Running out of a product might result in lost sales and customer complaints. Automate your inventory management to prevent this by being aware of when a product is running low in supply.

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7. Send Abandoned Cart Emails

Shockingly, 75% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Reminders for abandoned carts can help you entice clients to return to your website, and thanks to automation, you don’t have to do anything.

8. Leveraging Existing Document Data For Automation

Automation allows you to streamline document based business processes. For example, data extraction tools can be used to automatically pull relevant data from incoming documents, such as Invoices, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Shipping Notes and more.  In this way you can automate entire business processes and move document data to where it belongs in real-time.

9. Automate accounts receivable turnover

Accounts receivable turnover is the number of times that your company collects its average accounts receivable per year.

Automating the process of accounts receivable reduces the amount of admin time it takes to collect from customers and helps to increase cash flow and your turnover ratio.

ecommerce">10. eCommerce

If you’re not automating the process of managing website orders, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to save costs and reach more customers. Website automation starts with integration between your existing websites and back-end wholesale distribution software.

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11. Shipping

Automating the shipping process with wholesale distribution software gives you the ability to update an account, create an invoice or another report, email a customer, and print documents all with the change of a status or other pre-determined action.

12. Reporting

Without a regular review of business metrics, it is impossible to know how your company is performing and even harder to identify new opportunities or threats. Automating the reporting process is a simple task that can have significant impacts.

13. Orderliness of work

Thanks to the creation of reports, it is easy to set up logistics, understand where and how you can reduce costs and increase profits, make plans, and forecast sales. All this helps to effectively manage the business and lead the company to grow.

14. Warehouse automation

Warehouse automation systems take the company's work to a new level and help to optimise work processes. Even for a relatively modest  warehouse, it will be useful to introduce modern technologies for the automatic operation of the enterprise.

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Benefits of Automation in Wholesale

One of the main benefits, if not the main benefit, of wholesale distribution software, is the ability to automate processes, reducing manual work and decreasing costs.

It helps to solve all those problems that prevent your business from developing, speeds up processes that take a lot of your time, and benefits all participants in the process.

Here are a couple of the specific benefits that can be achieved through business automation:

1. Eliminate Repetitive Manual Data Entry

In wholesale business operations, there is certain data that several departments require at once.

Automating the data entry process simplifies the entire process of working with information. This  eliminates the need to change key data and reduce the time spent on manual entry. Now your business can direct employees to perform more important tasks instead of wasting time on repetitive tasks.

2. Fewer Administrative Errors

One of the most common causes of errors in wholesale inventory management is human error. Employee errors can result in customer orders being left unfulfilled and then having incorrect inventory levels.

By automating its back office, the system will consistently execute the workflow. The same action will be applied to every process, reducing the chance of administrative errors.

3. Optimization Of Employees' Work

An example here is warehouse automation programs, which allows the manager to control the number of leftovers immediately, place an order faster, make pre-orders, and keep records.

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4. Optimized Inventory Levels

Inventory tracking is critical to wholesale inventory management. Insufficient inventory may result in the inability to fulfil customer orders. On the other hand, having too much inventory leads to unnecessarily high storage costs. Back-office automation allows you to monitor inventory levels in real-time.

5. Improve Purchasing Decisions

Make better purchasing decisions for your business with back-office automation. Set up low stock alerts to let you know when the stock drops below a certain level.

In the event that a specific product is less than the set value, an email will be sent to you with information about the stock situation. With this information, you can take quick action to stock up on time, so your product doesn't run out.

6. Increase the Visibility Of Critical Information

In order for your business to offer the best strategy, it must have immediate access to critical information about business operations.

When back-office tasks are automated, it speeds up the process of communication of information throughout the organisation. Managers can easily access the critical data they need to develop a business strategy.

7. Improve Communication Between Departments

Ineffective communication can prevent your business from functioning effectively. Automation allows your business to simplify communication.

The system can be customised to fit the way the company works rather than making major changes that employees find difficult to understand and implement.

8. Commodity Movement Control

It becomes much easier to issue a goods receipt, the exact number of goods that arrive at the warehouse is fixed, and the location of each product is determined. All this further facilitates the search, and the time for shipment of goods is reduced.

9. Balance Management

Automation of accounting for goods in the warehouse allows you to control the balance in the warehouse fully. Re-sorting, spoilage of goods with an expiration date, full control over the balances, and timely replenishment of the warehouse are minimised and almost completely eliminated.

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Floware—business automation done right

Floware is the leading business automation solution for Wholesalers worldwide.

The software makes it easy to get up and running in minutes—right after you register your account at Floware.co.

Floware is your key to flawless business management.

Floware is a business automation solution that integrates important business processes such as shipping, financial management, production, finance, and customer service in one place.

This allows you to optimise work processes. For example, you can set up an automatic reorder from a specific supplier when inventory levels reach a certain threshold.

Materials can be automatically reordered by storing data across the organisation in a centralised system. At the same time, you do not have to spend manual effort; employees will be able to work on other tasks.

Warehouse management automation allows you to solve many problems and optimise work processes. This is a tool that makes it possible to see the whole picture and fully understand what is happening in the warehouse, the real balance.

If you have already decided on your needs, contact us for a detailed discussion of the project. If not, we will be happy to help you choose the best solution based on your business objectives.

If you’re ready to get started with painless business automation, drive rapid digitization and see a six-week ROI, hit the button below to get in touch.

Try floware now and take your Wholesale business to a totally new level!

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