Boost sales with one omnichannel sales platform

Deliver a seamless customer experience across multiple sales channels. Allow customers to generate quotes or place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Think bigger

Unlock your business' potential

Unleash your business growth with an omnichannel sales approach: seamless customer experiences, enhanced analytics, increased sales, streamlined operations, and robust inventory management for superior market competitiveness.

Improved customer experience
Offer a seamless customer experience across various channels, whether it's through a website, mobile app, or direct sales.
Competitive advantage
A cohesive omnichannel experience can differentiate your business from competitors who may not have such an integrated approach.
Better inventory management
A centralised order management system allow for more efficient tracking and distribution of products.
Increased sales opportunities
Customers have the flexibility to purchase through the channel that is most convenient for them, leading to more frequent orders and larger order sizes.

Work smarter

A more efficient and scalable approach

Omnichannel order strategy in B2B enhances data analytics, scalability, streamlines operations, and improves inventory management for improved operational efficiency.

By integrating multiple channels, managers have a more complete picture into market trends, customer needs, and the effectiveness of marketing strategies.
Integrating multiple sales channels can streamline operations, from order processing to delivery resulting in lower operational costs and improved speed and quality of service.
An omnichannel strategy provides the flexibility to quickly adapt to market changes or customer needs. It also allows for scalability as the business grows, with the ability to easily add new channels or touchpoints.

Extend your sales force

Expand your sales team to include your customers, field agents, and resellers. Empowering them with access to self-service tools will simplify your sales process, making it faster and more efficient.


With controlled access to their account, customers can place and track orders any time of day. Instant customer service, reduced customer support time.

Field agents

Empower roaming sales team with ability to generate instant quotes, place orders and draw their sales reports for customers assigned to them.


Integrate resellers into your sales force by providing them with limited access, enabling them to conveniently place orders at any time, 24/7


Self service portal

Delight your customers, agents and resellers.

Enhance customer engagement with our B2B self service portal: personalised access, efficient self-service, and streamlined communication, all in one user-friendly interface for superior customer experience.

App screenshot
Secure access.
Customers can log in to view and manage their accounts. This include viewing purchase history, placing and tracking orders in progress.
Self service.
Allow customers to perform tasks like updating their information, submitting support requests, making payments, or getting answers to common questions.
With all the information at your customer's disposal 24/7, their experience is enhanced while reducing your support costs.
Reduce support, duplication and repetitive tasks, freeing your team to do more meaningful work.
24/7 availability.
Provide customer access to engage with you on their schedule whether you are open or not.

By the numbers

Why would a company invest in ecommerce platform technology? The answer is 65% of B2B companies across industries are fully transacting online in 2022, according to an article by McKinsey.

In 2022, 65% of B2B companies conducted business online, with e-commerce driving 18% of all revenue for the average B2B company, putting it on par with in-person sales and ahead of all other channels.

  • 52% of buyers are dissatisfied with their online experience, [1]
  • 73% of millennials are involved in B2B purchasing decisions, [2]
  • 80% of B2B purchases are influenced by customer experience, [3]
  • Just 20% of B2B buying decisions related to price or specific product. [3]

Sources: [1], [2], [3]

Revenue from e-commerce.
Customer retention rate.
Purchases influenced by customer experience.

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